Fantastic Beasts Magical Moonshine

Only two more sleeps until Fantastic Beasts is released and this muggle is mighty excited!


Like many thousands of Potter Nerds around the globe we will be attending a midnight screening on Wednesday night, with a pre-movie party set in a magical speakeasy as befits the 1920s American setting.

For anyone else that is also planning a 1920s magic party here is an easy and pun-ny prop idea for you to try!*


‘Moonshine’ is a term used to describe high-proof distilled spirits which are often, if not always, made illegally. It is so named after English smugglers called ‘moon rakers’, and in reference to the clandestine nature of the distillation which was managed at night to avoid discovery. In popular culture, moonshine is most often associated with Prohibition era USA: the period 1920-1933 during which the production, importation and sale of all alcoholic beverages.

Of course, no law could stand between the bright young things of the 20s and their cocktails so bootlegging businesses skyrocketed, distilling dangerously strong whiskeys and gins which were transported in jars and crates to thirsty Flappers who flocked to underground Speakeasy’s all over America.

As a nod to these boozy pioneers, here is a cheeky prop you can use to bring a touch of magic to your Fantastic Beasts Speakeasy!


Magical Moonshine

What you need:

  • Large clear jar, cleaned and dried
  • Black permanent marker
  • Glow sticks (blue works best)
  • Sharp scissors
  • Newspaper
  • Disposable gloves

How you do it:

Using the marker, write MOONSHINE in ye olde font on the outside of the jar


Put down some newspaper to protect your table and pop on your gloves


Take your glow stick and crack to activate. Then very carefully cut the end of it – I’m not wearing gloves for this photo, but popped them on to do it. No one wants glowing fingers!


Shake the liquid about the jar, trying to cover the sides as best you can. Don’t worry about any lumps, it won’t matter at the end!

And voila! Your very own jar of pure distilled moonshine, ready to light up your party!

*It goes without saying, but this is a PROP ONLY! Don’t let your guests get their mitts or mouths inside these jars!


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