The Lorelai

Oy with the poodles, already! – is anyone else super excited about the new Gilmore Girls reboot?!?! All over the world lady-friends and Gilmore Guys are sitting down with pop tarts and left over Chinese to head back home to Stars Hollow one more time.

The new episodes came out last night in Australia but we’re holding fast until Monday night (a Herculean task) so we can watch it with the Book Club Ladies, so no spoilers please!

But to celebrate the return of our favourite on-screen book fiends, we have created a cake that would make Emily Gilmore faint.


The Lorelai

Coffee cake, decorated with the entire candy aisle from Doose’s Market

Step One

Make a coffee cake. We used Mary Berry’s Cappuccino Cake recipe (pumping up the coffee volume, as befits Lorelai). We doubled the recipe to make 2 layers of cake.


Step Two

Make a bloody enormous cookie. To keep with the Yankee theme of the cake we used something we have never used before – frozen cookie dough. It was a bit weird. We pressed it down into the same cake pan so it would be the same width as the cake.


Step Three

Make a batch of chocolate instant pudding. Another Americanism we had never tried! We subbed in thickened cream for a third of the milk to make the pudding thicker so it would hold the weight of the cake (and all the candy!)

Step Four

Make a coffee buttercream – heavy on the coffee! We used this recipe, but instead of milk added 1/4 cup instant coffee dissolved in 2 tablespoons of boiling water which we chilled overnight.

Step Five

Layer it up! Cake – Pudding (with a ring of coffee buttercream to keep it in place) – Cookie – Pudding – Cake!

Step Six

Cover the whole monster in coffee buttercream. We did a thin crumb coat first, and then a thicker layer once it was chilled.


Step Seven

Make a chocolate ganache (equal weight cream and chocolate melts, melted in the microwave) and assemble your piles of candy!


Step Eight

Add a thin rim of chocolate ganache, letting it dribble a little down the sides of the cake, then fill in the top.


Step Nine



Step Ten

Eat your delicious cake and binge watch Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life

(Optional, But Quite Likely) Step Eleven

Pass out from the sugar high, then wake up groggy a couple of hours later and eat more Reece’s Cups.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Emma Hardy says:

    Amazing! I feel like I’ve eaten too much sugar just looking at it. Well done! X


  2. BeaFreitas says:

    Looks absolutely amazing!!!! I love how you added the progress too 🙂


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