Hello dear reader, and welcome to Page to Plate!

Let us introduce ourselves, Babysitter Club style:

Emily is a baker who prays to the gods Heston, Nigella and Mary Berry. When she isn’t reading or planning elaborate pun-named cupcakes she will be wandering the neighbourhood trying to befriend local animals. The cat down the road has almost warmed to her. She also loves to craft, and often creates intricate party decorations by hand for our events. Emily is a walking cooking encyclopedia and is responsible for most of the recipes on Page to Plate.

Sara is a history buff and classical literature nerd who can usually be found in the cinema watching period films or smelling the old books in a library archive. Her dream is to be an Edwardian gentleman drinking whiskey in the study of her country manor – her tweed collection, creaking bookshelf and assortment of scotch would indicate she is well on the way! Sara’s boundless enthusiasm and love of books led to the creation of Page to Plate and she is responsible for most of the historical fun facts and party ideas.

We are two Tasmanian-born sisters now living and working in Melbourne. We created Page to Plate to share our ideas and recipes, and as an excuse to throw more parties!

We especially love to create kid’s parties for adults – celebrating and recreating the joy and sense of discovery we felt when reading our favourite books as children.


Our beautiful home page banner and various illustrations are provided by the most excellent Hannah. Apart from being one of the sweetest humans alive, she is also an excellent baker, cat wrangler, gifted artist and creator of witty comics. She can also rock a polka dot-bowtie-anime hair-pink tight combo like nobody’s business. You can check out her work on Instagram @hannah_lu_lu_. Say hi from us!

 Screen Shot 2016-09-01 at 12.02.10 am


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